Break Science


The Brooklyn based electronic duo, Break Science wrapped up 2012 on a high and heads full steam into 2013.  Their fall tour saw them sharing the stage with Michal Menert in support of their collaboration EP, Twilight Frequency (FREE DOWNLOAD). Fall peaked right into winter as the duo made their way to Mexico for the end of the world at Mayan Holidaze and a then a whirlwind New Years run of festivals including Basslights, SnowGlobe and Lights All Night. As seasoned producers and touring veterans, Adam Deitch and Borahm Lee have produced and performed with everyone from The Fugees, Wu Tang Clan, and Talib Kweli, to reggae Lee Scratch Perry and Miles Davis collaborator, John Scofield. On their latest release Monolith Code, Break Science evokes a wide spectrum of electronic genres filtered through a musician's lens, all while moving people spiritually AND on the dance floor.

"Monolith Code (Pretty Lights Music - FREE DOWNLOAD) is the innate message we have to decipher to get to the next step in our evolution" says Lee. "The monolith represents a transition into a higher level of consciousness. A spark that initiates us to consider wider possibilities and ideas. The code is the system to express this transformation. Containing information from the past, present and future, it holds the key to unlock our potential as spiritual beings."

Adam Deitch describes the musical process behind the record. "We understand that to bring our vision to life, we have to spend just as much time on the programmed elements as we do on the live elements. Our goal is to blend these elements seamlessly, so everything comes together in an organic way. Our music is layered with different frequencies and sonic textures so it becomes something you can listen to multiple times and STILL hear new elements you might have missed the first time. We are influenced by everything from hip-hop and glitch, to jazz, soul, vinyl drum breaks and dub. We like certain elements of dubstep and drumstep (especially that BASS) and try to incorporate that sound in a fresh, new way."

Break Science is poised to make their biggest mark yet onto the burgeoning livetronica scene. Joining forces with a movement of new electronic artists on the Pretty Lights Music label, this potent duo will continue to push the boundaries of modern music. 

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DOWNLOAD Twilight Frequency
DOWNLOAD the single, Victory, off of Monolith Code for FREE. Out on Pretty Lights Music.
DOWNLOAD the debut EP Further Thank Our Eyes Can See for FREE.  Out on Pretty Lights Music.


Twilight Frequency

003 [2012]

Monolith Code

PLM-002 [2012]

Further Than Our Eyes Can See

PLM-001 [2011]